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Birthday Party | Celebrating Together, Wonderful Because of You

Days bring warmth, years bring peace

How fortunate we are, to advance with time The winter sun spreads warmth across the land

On December 26th, warmth and beauty unite We gather joyfully to celebrate birthdays

Offering the sincerest wishes to the birthday stars Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!


Entering the venue

A dazzling array of snacks catches the eye

Satisfying every taste bud with various flavors

The carefully decorated venue exudes a rich atmosphere

Every detail reveals the company's care and protection for its employees


The birthday party kicks off with the thrilling game of musical chairs

Laughter and joy rise and fall, creating an extraordinarily warm atmosphere

As the game progresses, hearts open, and distances between us quietly close

Each meticulously prepared birthday gift


Carries the company's blessings and encouragement

The sweet cake seems to equate happiness

In this cozy atmosphere

We jointly witness the moment when the warm candlelight is extinguished

Sharing this pure joy

And those beautiful wishes and yearnings for the future

Quietly sprout in our hearts, lighting the path forward


This celebration is not only a blessing for the birthday stars

But also a perfect interpretation of Imdetek's family unity and harmony In that moment

Joy, warmth, and emotion weave into a beautiful tapestry Forever engraved in each person's heart


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