Nuclear Industry

A Short Introduction

As technology continues to advance, there have been significant breakthroughs in nuclear energy technology, and the nuclear industry is gradually maturing. Currently, many countries and regions around the world have successfully developed and utilized nuclear energy, with France, China, and the United States being particularly prominent. The rapid development of the nuclear industry not only provides humanity with clean and efficient energy but also drives the development of related industries.

The primary issue in the application of the nuclear industry is nuclear safety. Nuclear safety is crucial for the development of nuclear energy and technology utilization, environmental safety, and public interest. It is a concern universally shared by countries around the world. The fundamental guarantee of nuclear safety is the construction of nuclear and radiation environmental monitoring capabilities. Various instruments and equipment used for radiation monitoring are key to the development of radiation monitoring capabilities.


CZT, due to its wide detection energy range, high sensitivity, high energy resolution, and high spatial resolution, can be used to create excellently performing miniaturized radiation dosimeters and spectrometers. It is widely used in the field of nuclear safety, including personal radiation dose monitoring for nuclear industry workers, environmental dose monitoring, energy spectrum analysis, pipeline effluent monitoring, radionuclide analysis of radioactive waste, hotspot imaging in nuclear power plants, radioactive source detection, and nuclear emergency detection, among other application scenarios.

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