A Short Introduction

CZT detectors, due to their high energy resolution, high spatial resolution, high sensitivity, and radiation tolerance, have been widely used in the aerospace field in recent years. The main applications include:

Radiation dose monitoring: CZT detectors are extremely sensitive to hard X-rays and gamma rays. Radiation dosimeters made of CZT exhibit excellent detection performance, especially in terms of miniaturization of radiation dosimeters, where CZT has incomparable advantages. In the aerospace field, it can be used for radiation monitoring of spacecraft and measuring the radiation dose received by astronauts.


Planetary probes: In planetary exploration missions, CZT detectors can be used to measure the spectral lines of radioactive isotopes of target celestial bodies, helping scientists study the composition and evolutionary processes of planets.


Space telescopes: The application of CZT detectors in space telescopes aids in the observation and study of high-energy astrophysical phenomena, such as gamma-ray bursts and pulsars, providing astronomers with key data regarding the origin and evolution of the universe.


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