Chairman's Speech

Jie Wanqi

A doctoral supervisor, an Academician of the Asia Pacific Academy of Materials Science, a National Outstanding Young Scientist, a Yangtze River Scholar, a national-level leading talent in Xi'an, a national outstanding scientific and technological worker, and a winner of the National Innovation Competition Award.

Jie Wanqi Chairman

Imdetek was founded in 2012, inheriting the research achievements in the field of new materials from a Polytechnical University. Imdetek embarked on a journey "to detect the unknown and benefit humanity." Imdetek is committed to the research, development, and manufacturing of radiation materials, devices, and related instruments, aiming to unravel the mysteries of cosmic evolution hidden in various rays from space, and the secrets of natural resources and the growth of all things contained in the Earth's radiation. Industrially, it focuses on developing new-generation imaging modules for medical imaging and industrial flaw detection, to safeguard human health, improve the quality of industrial products, and ensure the safety of human travel.

Facing the challenges of industrial manufacturing and commercial development, the difficulty of entrepreneurship becomes evident. Despite numerous hardships and fluctuations, Imdetek's team has always remembered its original intention, "with a calm mindset, courage and intellect, and a spirit of self-discipline and compliance," persevering in the journey of research, manufacturing, and market development.

Starting with semiconductor radiation detection materials such as cadmium zinc telluride, Imdetek has successively developed more than ten types of radiation detector components, modules, instruments, and complete machines for X-rays and γ-rays. Its products, including nuclear radiation detection, radiation spectrum analysis and nuclide identification, and high-definition imaging of radiation sources, are applied in safety monitoring of nuclear facilities, prevention and control of nuclear pollution, development and utilization of nuclear energy, detection and analysis of cosmic radiation, medical imaging equipment, security inspection equipment, and online inspection of industrial products. Imdetek's contributions to the personal radiation dosimeters for astronauts, safety monitoring of nuclear facilities and their surroundings, ray analysis of "artificial suns," intelligent industrial inspection, and the development of the next-generation medical CTs, fulfill Imdetek's solemn promise "to explore the unknown and benefit humanity."

To better serve our customers, we are committed to staying at the cutting edge of global scientific advancements. In the realm of radiation detection materials and devices, we aim to break through international challenges, foster technological innovations, and spearhead the development of the industry.

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