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Paving the Way Forward, Winning in the Year of the Loong | Imdetek's 2023 Annual Party

As the seasons turn, a new chapter begins with determination and progress. On February 5, Imdetek's annual party and summary meeting themed "Paving the Way Forward, Winning the Dragon Year" was grandly held.


Opening | The Party Starts with Excitement

As the curtain rose on the annual party, Imdetek's team members arrived in succession to check in, and the company had specially planned a fun warm-up session—a lantern riddle guessing activity. With the unveiling of each riddle, laughter and cheerful voices filled the air, making the atmosphere increasingly warm. In this relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, everyone looked forward to the official start of the party and the exciting moments to come.


Achievements | Reviewing Imdetek's 2023

With unstoppable momentum and surpassing achievements, Imdetek has continued to climb the path of technological innovation over the past year with firm belief and relentless efforts, successfully launching several major products based on cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) detectors, injecting strong momentum into the rise of CZT detectors in the global market. In 2023, Imdetek's phase II construction project was launched, focusing on creating the first domestic industrial base for X-ray photon counting imaging modules, and further establishing deep cooperation with leading industry enterprises.

Speeches | Reflecting on the past, looking forward to the future

Chairman's Speech

In 2023, we set our goals and achieved excellent results again, making commendable achievements in innovation, brand building, and market expansion, widely recognized by domestic and international customers and markets. In the new year, we must face potential crises, find our position, leverage our strengths, do well in talent development, and plan for the next three, five, and ten years in both internal management and external operations. United, we will push Imdetek's strategic layout in various fields, invest 100% effort, face new challenges and opportunities, move forward together, and write an even more brilliant future for Imdetek!


Vice General Manager's Speech

Looking back at 2023, all colleagues have been in the same boat, helping Imdetek to stabilize and go far on the fast-developing path, gathering strength to move forward. Thank you all for your hard work over the year, it is your effort and struggle that have achieved Imdetek's accomplishments today. In the future, we will continue to adhere to quality, customer first, constantly improve product and service quality, achieve efficient operation and management. Embrace change, expand new markets and business models, and create better working environments and development opportunities for employees. I hope everyone always maintains enthusiasm and passion for work, dares to innovate, bravely breaks through, and works hard together to achieve the company's grand goals. The company will also pay more attention to the growth and development of employees, allowing every employee to realize their value in the Imdetek family.


Employee Representative's Speech

I am honored to speak as a representative of the employees. Over the past year, we have faced many challenges together, but the team has always been positive and forward-looking, and I am proud to be part of it. Thank you to the company for providing us with a platform and opportunities for development, thanks to the leaders for their guidance and support, and thanks to every colleague for their help and encouragement. I believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, we can create a more brilliant future!


Party | Wonderful and Surprising


Exciting performances take turns Songs and dances celebrate the future. The splendid program performances are undoubtedly the most dazzling scenery at the annual meeting, with the passionate and dynamic opening dance "Good Luck Comes" instantly igniting the atmosphere. Beautiful dances, lingering songs, amusing sketches, humorous crosstalk, astonishing magic... Imdetek's colleagues show their talents, presenting a unique audio-visual feast. The stage shines with confidence, fully displaying Imdetek's culture of collaborative innovation, positive spirit, and high morale.


Lucky Draw, Constant Surprises

The most exciting part is the lucky draw interspersed throughout the annual meeting! Rounds of heart-racing lucky draws, third prizes, second prizes, first prizes, grand prizes... everyone hopes to be the lucky one, with exquisite gifts and cash bonuses continuously handed out. Applause and cheers wave after wave, bringing the atmosphere to a climax.


Hotpot Feast, Shared Deliciousness


At six o'clock in the afternoon, everyone moved to the restaurant, sitting together to share the steaming delicacies.

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