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Spreading Passion, Surpassing Self — A Record of Shaanxi Imdetek Co., Ltd.'s 2017 Training

In 2017, Shaanxi Imdetek New Materials Co., Ltd. organized an employee development training event on April 28th to strengthen team collaboration and foster a positive corporate culture.

In the morning, the "Wilderness Treasure Hunt" activity was conducted, where all employees were divided into three teams: yellow, green, and red. Working together, each team faced various challenges during the treasure hunt, with the yellow team completing the puzzle first, winning a bottle of champagne. This was followed by the "Survival at Sea" challenge, which required minimal resources to reach an island under harsh conditions. This activity highlighted the importance of teamwork and allowed employees to experience the honor and pride of fighting for the group's interest.


In the afternoon, participants tackled the "High Altitude Broken Bridge" project. Climbing 8 meters high, challengers felt their hearts racing, but the leap to success was met with cheers and praise, encouraging each participant to overcome their fears. This project taught how to adjust one's mindset under pressure and difficulty, daring to try, challenge oneself, and overcome personal barriers.


The "Escape Wall" activity followed, where over 40 teammates had to cross a 4-meter high wall within 40 minutes without any external assistance. Against the odds, the task was completed in 13 minutes, with all teammates safely crossing the wall, showcasing the power of unity and mutual support with phrases like "Come on, step on my shoulders," "Don't be afraid, I'm here," "It's okay, be careful," and "Come, close your eyes and give me your hand."


This development training significantly enhanced the understanding of teamwork, improved the company's cohesion and centripetal force, built trust among employees, and created a supportive atmosphere. It's believed that with the collective effort of all, Imdetek will face an even brighter future, carrying forward the enterprise spirit inspired by the precious memories from the training camp in Taiping Forest Park.


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