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The Highly Anticipated Three Radiation Dosimeters, Purchase Link is Here!

Yesterday's recommended three models of nuclear radiation dosimeters have attracted much attention, with a surge in inquiries.

These three radiation dosimeters are all made from cadmium zinc telluride nuclear radiation semiconductor detector materials that have passed three consecutive years of aerospace-grade verification. Their preparation process is strictly in accordance with aerospace standards. This means that they have reached extremely high levels of accuracy and stability, and can provide you with precise and reliable radiation monitoring data. Whether you are a general consumer or a professional, these radiation dosimeters can offer you accurate and reliable radiation monitoring data, helping you stay away from radiation and enjoy a healthy life.


To meet everyone's needs, we have already opened a Taobao store for your convenience. Furthermore, subsequent purchasing platforms such as JD.com will also be launched one after another, presenting you with more exciting products, so please stay tuned.

Now, you only need to search for "Shaanxi Imdetek New Materials Co., Ltd." in the Taobao APP or copy the link above (Taobao Command) and open the Taobao APP to purchase the radiation dosimeter of your choice, making them the guardians of your healthy life!

RAM-01 Nuclear Radiation Alarm


IRD-P01 Personal Dosimeter


IRD-04 Wristwatch-style Personal Dosimeter


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